Pro-Tek Electric Inc.


When it comes to taking care of our customer’s electrical needs we call Pro-Tek Electric Inc. They possess a tremendous understanding of the demands that the retail sector expects. They have been involved in the retail industry for many years and relate extremely well to store associates. They provide detailed tracking updates on all dispatched calls. Their electricians are clean, polite, and courteous. These qualities are a must in today’s service industry, especially when working in a retail store environment.

National Dispatch

I have used Pro-Tek Electric Inc. for our electrical needs in our Toronto Stores, wholesale showroom, and head office for the past three years. They were highly recommended to us by our General Contractor and I was immediately impressed by their commitment level and great service on our first project and have continued to use their services at other locations since then. The technicians are courteous and respectful of our stores and showrooms, always turning up on time and working neatly. They have been able to meet our tight deadlines and have helped us solve problems in window displays and special showroom installations. Whenever we have contacted them with a new project or concern, they have responded in a timely manner with professional advice. I have enjoyed working with Pro-Tek Electric Inc. and appreciate their high level of customer service.

Erinn – Hugo Boss

I would highly recommend Pro-Tek Electric Inc. as no other company has the expertise and integrity that they possess. They have been providing quality service to Harry Rosen Inc. for the past ten years and whether they are involved in our new construction, renovations or a simple service call, Pro-Tek Electric Inc. meets the challenge of any deadline set forth. Their associates are courteous and professional when working in our stores and always complete their projects in a timely manner so as not to disrupt the store’s daily operations. Pro-Tek Electric Inc. has always provided competitive pricing and their vast electrical knowledge allows them to foresee most any potential obstacles before they occur resulting in very few surprise expenses at the end of a project.

Stacey – Harry Rosen


We operate out of an older facility that can sometimes be a challenge however Pro-Tek Electric Inc. has done an outstanding job in maintaining our existing electrical system. We have been using Pro-Tek Electric Inc. since 2004 and as well as maintaining our current system, on many occasions we have used them to do all of our electrical work when we build additional offices, work areas, and install new equipment. We have been extremely pleased with their service, competitive pricing, quick response, and in particular their highly qualified staff. Everyone we have dealt with all been well trained, professional, courteous, and efficient. Without any reservation, we would definitely recommend Pro-Tek Electric Inc. as your electrical service provider.

Don – Canadian Tire

With more than 60 locations across the country Tommy Hilfiger Canada requires quality, reliability, and dependability from our service contractors. Pro-Tek Electric Inc. delivers on all in a timely and professional fashion. They have been servicing our stores across the country for the past six years and meet our needs and expectations when it comes to timely service, maintenance, professional advice, and competitive rates. Working with Pro-Tek Electric Inc. is a pleasure and straightforward. I know I can always rely on their expertise to get the job done, regardless of what challenges might be faced. Pro-Tek Electric Inc. understands the retail industry and its demands. I highly recommend Pro-Tek Electric Inc. as your electrical service provider. They get the job done quickly and their electricians are clean, fast, and courteous.

Daniel – Tommy Hilfiger Canada